Hospital celebrates Swain County Schools’ Health Successes

June 22, 2018

Swain Community Hospital celebrated the health and fitness of Swain County Schools’ faculty and staff by presenting a wellness award for $5,000 at the schools’ annual end-of-year staff celebration at Swain County High School.  

For the fourth consecutive year, the hospital has partnered with the school system on faculty and staff wellness by gathering health assessment data, designing nutrition and activity programs, and providing a cash award to be divided among individual winners who attain the most wellness points during the measurement period.

“We are honored to partner with Swain County Schools on wellness initiatives resulting in measurable changes in individual and collective health,” said Steve Heatherly, CEO of Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital. “Our mission is Making Communities Healthier and working directly with those who model healthy habits for area students is one of the best ways we can deliver on that mission.”

Sonya Blankenship with Swain County Schools awarded the top 15 individual winners according to points earned through the wellness program:

  1. Brenae King – 5,595
  2. Evan Clapsaddle – 5,010
  3. Annette Clapsaddle – 3,251
  4. Rachel Yates – 3,093
  5. Amber Griffin – 2,803
  6. Jimmy Monteith – 2,781
  7. Teresa Caron – 2,710
  8. BJ Ledford – 2,195
  9. Dennis Jones – 2,104
  10. Renee Peoples – 2,011
  11. Julia Burrows – 1,931
  12. Shawna Plemmons – 1,926
  13. Tiffany Yow – 1,910
  14. Katrina Turbyfill – 1,803 
  15. Megan Lucas – 1,755

The remaining $3,500 was awarded to Swain County High School with the greatest number of collective points. 

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