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Harris Regional Hospital & Swain Community Hospital Announces New CEO: Former CFO Takes the Helm

Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital, Duke LifePoint hospitals, are pleased to announce the appointment of Ashley Hindman as the new Chief Executive Officer. Hindman has been serving as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the hospital system and will now transition into the role of CEO.

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Join the #SwainFamily

At Swain Community Hospital, we believe our employees are our most valuable assets. If you are looking to join our team so you can work in an environment where you touch lives every day, you can find all our current opportunities using the link below.

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Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital celebrate staff and provider Service Awards

Providers and staff were recently recognized for significant tenure milestones, with some honored for 25 years of service.

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Our chat assistant can help direct you towards finding a provider or scheduling an appointment.

Welcome to Swain Community Hosptial

Swain Community Hospital serves the healthcare needs of four of the westernmost counties of North Carolina. Our longstanding reputation for quality, service, and compassion is what makes us stand out as the place for visitors, seasonal residents, and lifelong community members to receive outstanding healthcare.

Our number one goal is to provide a world-class patient experience. No matter how long your stay in our hospital, the quality of care you receive is our number one priority, each and every day. Not only is the quality of the clinical care you receive important, but so is how you feel when you’re in our care.

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Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital publish 2023 Community Benefit Report

Community Benefit Report outlines hospital’s continued impact on health and economic vitality of western North Carolina

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Honoring staff and provider commitment, Harris Regional and Swain Community Hospitals’ Service Awards program highlights tenure

Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital were pleased to hold another celebratory luncheon in honor of staff members who reached significant milestones in their...

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Lung Cancer Awareness: Reducing Your Risk

Thanks to movies, TV shows, and extensive public awareness campaigns, lung cancer has long been a part of the public consciousness. Many Americans recognize that...

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