Medical Records

Welcome to Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital Medical Records! We are pleased to serve you by providing information on how to obtain your medical record. We believe the more information you have about your health, the healthier you will be!

Below are some guidelines to remember.

The Medical Records department is located on the first floor of Harris Regional Hospital.

Please allow up to 5 days for non-emergency requests. (There is a shorter turn-around time for smaller requests or for patient care requests.)
You may designate another person to pick up your records. Please provide a written statement including your date of birth (DOB), and your signature indicating what records are being released and to whom.

You or the person designated to pick up your records must show a photo ID and sign to indicate that the records have been received.
Legal representatives or surviving spouses of deceased patients may provide legal documentation to gain access to a patient’s medical records.

Your primary care physician or a physician on the Harris Regional or Swain Community Hospital staff who is ordering a procedure for you may request a copy of your records without signed authorization. All other physicians requesting records must have your signed authorization.