Community Needs Health Assessment

In order to understand the health needs of the communities we serve and best prioritize our healthcare efforts, we conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment (“CHNA”) for Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital.  The assessments were conducted in conjunction with area health departments and as part of the regional WNC Healthy Impact collaboration.  The determination of community health needs took into account community demographics, socio-economic factors and community input.  The assessment and report are in alignment with the federal IRS community benefit reporting requirements that affect all State-licensed 501(c)(3) hospitals.  The priorities identified in the assessment have been accepted by the Board of Directors.

View or Download (PDF) the 2015 Swain County Community Health Assessment

2015 Jackson County Community Health Assessment (Jackson County Health Dept website)

Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital have been serving a four-county area for decades. The hospitals are a testament to the region’s enduring will in providing quality local healthcare, having been established during the first half of a century noted for significant challenge and change in America.

Harris Regional Hospital, established in 1929, is an 86-bed, not-for-profit acute care facility serving a primary service area of Jackson, Swain, Graham and Macon counties, and parts of north Georgia. With nearly 100 physicians and two dozen specialties, the hospital serves as a medical hub for patients from around the region with more than half of the hospital’s patients coming from outside Jackson County to seek care at Harris Regional Hospital.

Swain Community Hospital, established in 1950, is a 48-bed Critical Access Hospital serving Swain, Graham and Macon counties. Emergency medicine and primary care are supported by on-site ancillary services such as imaging, laboratory and physical and occupational therapy. Specialty rotations occur throughout the week enhancing greater access to care while limiting travel.

Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital affiliated in 1997, unifying the medical staff, clinical and non-clinical staffs, and developing opportunities to integrate healthcare delivery throughout the region while identifying efficiencies in the model. Although the hospitals are 20 miles apart, patient care is coordinated through the collegial relationships of physicians and staff.

Surrounding the clinical acumen and team approach of the staff is an overarching sense of service to the community. From a financial perspective, in 2012 the hospitals provided $87,440 to the communities they serve in the form of community health improvement services, community benefit and cash and in-kind donations to support local programs and events.

Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital have created implementation strategies to address the needs identified in the county health assessments. We recognize that although Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital have come together to serve our community, the hospitals are also part of a larger 16-county network of healthcare organizations benefitting from collaboration, best practices, and support in caring for the patient population in times of illness and in the pursuit of wellness. It is our privilege to serve the community in this way.

Notable in the hospitals’ implementation strategies are critical partnerships with local health departments, state and federal entities such as county governments and the U.S. Forest Service. The collective priority health issues: healthier food options, physical activity in adults, substance abuse in adolescents and adults, obesity, tobacco use, access to healthcare and diabetes will each be confronted by initiatives consisting of hospital and county collaboration. Success in meeting these community health challenges could not be possible without one component or the other.

September 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment-Hospital Implementation Strategy/Executive Summary