Why Choose Swain?


We are here to serve you. Our doors are open because you, the patient, chose us, and entrusted us with your life and your health. We couldn’t be more honored.

We’re proactive about finding new ways to serve you.

The “Every Single Patient” Council” meets monthly to discuss new and innovative ways to make your experience in our facilities better. We are consistently looking for ways to make you feel safe and cared for when you come to us for your healthcare needs. Employees are nominated and recognized for outstanding acts of service toward patients. We seek to create an environment where every patient feels that they received treatment above and beyond their expectations.

We listen.

A commitment to service includes hearing from you. We sincerely want your feedback about your experience with us.

We care for the whole person.

When you entrust us with your care, we take that seriously, and we maintain a commitment to you throughout your experience with us. That means that your care team not only includes clinicians, but also food and nutrition staff, environmental services staff, post-operative care staff, and more. Your total health is our main objective.


When you choose us, you place your health in the hands of experts.

Our clinical staff are highly trained.

Many have attended some of the best institutions in the country to earn their medical degrees. Our commitment to quality means recruiting and hiring only the best. Our doctors, mid-level practitioners, nurses, technologists, therapists, and other clinicians are committed to your best health.

Our commitment to quality is recognized.

Harris Regional Hospital has received recognition by The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor for hospitals nationwide, as a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures in several clinical areas. Many of our clinical programs have received recognition for quality by their respective agencies, as well outstanding patient feedback scores.

We work as a team.

Our hospital system functions not just as a network of staff members, but as a web of key players whose focus is on the best outcome for the patient. Each employee commits to and maintains standards of behavior that reflect that focus and works to ensure a world-class patient and family experience.


We care.

We realize that one of the biggest aspects of your care is how you feel when you’re being treated. We want you to feel respected, valued, and listened-to during your time with us. We treat patients as family and friends.

We understand.

We know how it feels to be the patient, and we will do our best to empathize with your health needs.